We’re for the activists, the artists, the pioneers.

We’re for the generation that challenged the status quo, the ones that stood up for change and those who invented a new way of living.

We’re passionate about creating unique communities in towns and city centres across Australia. We’re building villages for our parents, our aunts & uncles and our mentors. We don’t see you as an ‘older person’ or a ‘retiree’. Instead, we’ve built these villages to capture the essence of your younger self, your wilder side. Keeping you independent for longer!

Like you, we’re challenging the conventional and redefining the experience of ageing. Combining beautiful architecture and interiors with non-invasive technology and ground-breaking wellness programmes, we’re creating active and enriching lifestyles in vibrant locations.

ThirdAge is the future of retirement

Our mission is to keep you independent for longer, and our homes, communities and onsite facilities have been designed with this front of mind. Maintaining a strong social network and keeping active has never been easier!

ThirdAge is not aged care living. We are independent living providers, delivering the best quality housing and a new standard of living for the older generation.

What’s On Offer

Resort-style communities

We partner with the best hospitality providers to get you delicious meals and drinks – delivered to your door.

Wellness programs

Our game-changing wellness programs offer a variety of ways to keep active – from yoga and mediation to boxing and everything in between.

Active lifestyles

We support and empower you to get out and about and live a healthy, active lifestyle – keeping your schedule as full as you want it to be.

Social connections

We organise events and activities that help you foster strong friendships with the people in your community.

Our Projects

We are passionate about revolutionising the aged care industry, so we create unique, inspiring communities that encourage healthy lifestyles – in both towns and cities across Australia. Our resorts are designed to capture the essence of our clients’ best selves, aiming to keep them independent longer.

In doing so, we’re redefining the experience of aging. We’re building the kind of homes we would want for our own parents, aunts and uncles, and mentors.

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Meet the team

ThirdAge is an exciting collaboration between Thirdi Group, an award-winning Property Development firm, and one of the world’s most respected retirement executives Michael Eggington.

With Michaels’ 30 years of experience of creating and running successful villages throughout Australia and New Zealand and Thirdi’s track record of delivering high-end residential developments, it’s the perfect partnership to deliver something truly inspiring to retirement living.

This vision is now shared by a team of dedicated professionals, a national network of investor clients and international business partners. All committed to creating a sustainable and scalable property business built on innovative brilliance.

Meet the team

Michael Eggington

Robert Huxley

Director of Acquisitions

Luke Berry

Director of Sales & Marketing

Ron Dadd

Director of Finance

Ashleigh Button

General Manager

Katie Rea

Marketing Manager

Katie Fisher

Sales Experience Manager

Callum Billinghurst

Head of Sales

Joining Thirdi as a partner in our ThirdAge division is Michael Eggington, who is one of the industries finest and we are thrilled to be building this business with him.

Michael has over 30 years experience in this sector with past roles including General Manager of Stockland Retirement and more recently, Managing Director of Lendlease Retirement guiding them to manage over 14,000 properties across Australia.

Michael was also a foundation member and champion of the Retirement Living Council and is passionate driving force of excellence in the industry.

With Michaels experience and know-how we endeavour to jointly deliver outstanding homes and communities to the ageing population in our key markets of Sydney and Newcastle.

As Director of Acquisitions and Project Management, Robert is responsible for acquisitions across Thirdi Group and has manages all aspects of the acquisition of master planned residential communities, high-rise apartment developments and the 200+ individual house & land packages we deliver each year.

With over 15 years experience, Robert’s ability to identify and review potential development sites before the market moves is invaluable to Thirdi Group. He has helped acquire and deliver over $500 million dollars in successful residential developments over the past 5 years.

His no nonsense approach to residential development has helped established a strong and stable reputation as a young leader in Australia’s property investment industry.

As the Director of Sales and Marketing, Luke is responsible for the implementation of all sales and marketing activities, the brand development of Thirdi Group and the projects they create.

Luke’s key duties include the creation and implementation of sales strategies to help sell the property we create, and to deliver outstanding results for our joint venture partners and clients.

He is also responsible for the creation and management of web-based businesses and investment portals that Thirdi Group owns and operates across the property industry.

Luke is also a sought after keynote speaker on the Australian property market at a range of property education events and regular contributor to ‘Your Investment Property’, ‘Smart Property Investment’, ‘BRW’ and many other industry publications.

A personal highlight for Luke Berry was being recognised by smartcompany.com.au as one of Australia’s Hottest 30 entrepreneurs under 30 and also be included in the commonwealth banks ‘CommSec Entrepreneur Series’ for his part in creating Thirdi Group & NextHotSpot.com.au

As Director of Finance, Ron is responsible for the financial and operational management at Thirdi Group. His key responsibilities include finance, operations, business audits, trading reports and liaising with financers, investors and joint venture partners.

Ron has extensive experience in financial planning, accounting and property investment and has created a solid foundation for Thirdi Group to continue to grow and become one of Australia’s leading property development and investment firms.

Ron has personally developed and implemented a number of investment strategies and investment structures that have assisted our joint venture partners and the individual clients that secure our properties, achieve outstanding results from their investment with Thirdi Group.

Ashleigh is Head of Operations and Special Projects, combining a background in project management and a love of building and design, to successfully deliver a diverse range of projects for the Thirdi team.

Ashleigh’s experience includes managing the development and project management of house and land projects across Australia and has assisted in the development of our award winning online project management portal. In her current role, Ashleigh oversees new projects that help grow and diversify Thirdi Group, including the recent rebranding of our Property Management company, inSync Property.

Working in the residential real estate industry since 2009, Ashleigh has been recognised for her attention to detail and problem solving acumen. She brings a tailored approach to each project, with consideration of the client expectations and the overall outcomes desired for each task she undertakes.

Ashleigh graduated from UTS with a degree in Property Economics, with a sub-major in Project Management.

In her free time, she enjoys heading out on adventures to see the world and completing ocean swims.

As our Marketing Manager, Katie is responsible for the direction of the ThirdAge brand, including managing the graphic design team and execution of targeted campaigns for each of ThirdAge developments..

Katie’s experience includes working across residential property and marketing industries including 3 years at Market-leading CBRE in an executive role. Katie brings to Thirdi Group an experienced and analytical approach to both brand development and creative direction.

With her previous experience in residential property, Katie also brings a tailored and well-informed approach to each project by considering market expectations and development context alongside innovative design.

In 2014, Katie graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a Bachelor in Communications, Media Production & Advertising.

Katie enjoys morning run along her home town beach of Bondi, is a coffee enthusiast and spending valuable time with family.

Katie Fisher is our Sales Experience Manager, and is responsible for managing and improving our relationships with all of our clients across Newcastle and Sydney. Katie works closely with our Marketing Manager in coming up with new marketing ideas on customer experience and client relationships.

Katie has an extensive Sales & Marketing and Client Management background, with over 5 years’ experience working in Prime Central London across some of the most successful and well known developments.

Coming from London she enjoys spending time outside and taking in all that Australia has to offer….including the beaches.

Callum is Thirdi Group’s Senior Business Development Manager for the Asia Pacific Region and brings to his role a passion for establishing and maintaining corporate relationships.

With an extensive background in the aviation and tourism industries, Callum has developed strong corporate relations skills and has successfully transferred these skills to the Property Development Industry.

Living in China for over 4 years allowed Callum not only to become fluent in Mandarin but also to act as a cultural ambassador, bridging gaps between Asian and Western culture.

Callum combines his passion for exceptional corporate relationships with his solid business acumen and foreign relations experience to ensure strong business and client relationships are maintained with all Thirdi Group stakeholders.

In his spare time, Callum enjoys travelling the world, eating good food and getting into the ocean for a swim or surf.

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